Mr . Prakash Sharma
Chairman Bhargava college of Education

"The management feels and assures the students that every effort will be made to develop the all round personality to make them leaders in the field of education."  


Hostel facilities for both male and female students are being provided by the college management. The girls hostel is located within the campus of the college.
Generally non-local students stay in the hostel. A form for admission to the hostel is available with the S.O. / warden. The rules and regulations for the hostel are printed in the brochure. Any amendment to these rules will be displayed on the notice board from time to time, for the information of the students.
The rent charges for the hostel are decided by the university and these charges are charged at the time of admission in the hostel. Charges for the daily meals are decided in consultation with the students after they join the hostel.

  1. Bhargava college of education provides hostel facilities for both boys and girls.
  2. The hostel mess shall be run either on contract basis or by the boarders on co­operative basis or by the boarders on co-operative basis. In case of latter, the tried out procedure is the selection of mess committee, from amongst the boarders; on monthly rational basis.
  3. Hostel dues once paid shall not be refunded irrespective of the period of stay of a boarder in the hostel.
  4. The boarders will elect five members for Hostel Advisory Committee (HAC). The committee members.
  5. The boarders will elect five members for Hostel Advisory Committee (HAC). The committee members will assist the warden in the administration, discipline and smooth functioning of the hostel. They shall endeavour to build a congenial environment.
  6. The allotment of a seat in the hostel shall be decided by the college hostel committee. But once the seat has been alloted, no change can be effected. The college, however, has the right to shift a boarder or cancel his/her admission in case of breach of discipline.
  7. Safe custody and proper up-keep of furniture, fittings fans, utensils and other articles, both within the rooms and in the premises, shall be the responsibility of each boarder. In case of damages or loss, the same shall have to be made good form the defaulter, as soon as, it is reported by HAC.
  8. Use of electric heater and other appliances, preparation of food, tea etc. in hostel rooms is not permitted. The defaulters shall be liable to fine and necessary disciplinary action.
  9. Boarders are advised not to keep extra cash and costly jewellery items in their possession in the hostel rooms. If they do so they shall be doing it at their own risk and responsibility. In no case shall the college be responsible for any such loss.
  10. No boarder shall keep in his possession within his room or the hostel premises any lethal weapon or firearm.
  11. Indulgence in any political, sectarian or anti-social activity within the hostel premises is prohibited as hostels are meant, exclusively, for academic and social pursuits.
  12. The hostel gate shall remain closed from 9 pm to 7 am in summer and 8 pm to 8 am in winter. It shall, however, be opened during night only in case of emergency.
  13. In case a boarder has any grievance against a servant or other functionary of the hostel, he/she is advised not to deal directly with such person but to report the same to the Warden or HAC.
  14. A relative or a friend of a boarder is not permitted to stay in the hostel for the night or for long hours. In case of a short visit, the person shall have to sign and make entries in the Visitor's Register placed in the hostel.
  15. No boarder shall leave the hostel to stay temporarily with his/her relative without the prior permission of the Principal, which is subject to the production of a written request, in this regard, from his/her guardian.
  16. If a boarder wants to move out of the hostel on a holiday or Sunday, he/she shall have to make necessary entries, including the complete address of place of visit, in the required register available in the hostel.
  17. To facilitate academic work of the boarders complete silence shall have to be observed, in the hostel, invariably from 8.30 pm to 11 pm daily. Every boarder is expected to contribute for the creation of right educational atmosphere.
  18. Chairman / Principal / Warden shall pay a surprise visit to the hostel at any time. Boarders are expected to be within the hostel premises engaged in an activity appropriate to the hour to visit.
Each boarder at the time of admission shall have a sign an undertaking, printed on the application form, to the effect that he/she abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel. Asimilar declaration has to be got signed by his/her father/guardian.



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